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is this animal neglect?

The neighbors' dog is howling again. Neighbors are home. Dog is outside, locked in his crate. He went from an inside locked in the crate all the time to outsite and locked in the crate all the time dog when they had their second kid. I know they let him out a few times to go to the bathroom/eat, and they take him running a few miles each day, but he's a bird dog and this just doesn't seem like enough. 

I never see them interact with him outside of the runs they take him on. He has food, water, and shelter. But every night he howls, and lately when I've been getting home from classes he's been doing it more and more often. It's the most pitiful sound and if I didn't know better I'd think he was in pain, but he's just sitting there, looking sad and howling. They completely ignore him when this goes on. Would you call and report it as neglect? Or am I just being a pushover? I'm not even mad about the noise, it just breaks my heart to hear the sounds he makes. 


Re: is this animal neglect?

  • I doubt it would qualify as neglect, but check the noise ordinances in your area because of the constant howling. 
  • It couldn't hurt to call... I probably would.
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  • Do I think it's neglectful? Yes. Do I think authorities would consider it neglect? No.
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  • imagegreenclown:
    Do I think it's neglectful? Yes. Do I think authorities would consider it neglect? No.



    That's sad.

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  • imagegreenclown:
    Do I think it's neglectful? Yes. Do I think authorities would consider it neglect? No.

    ugh, this is the only reason I haven't yet. I don't want to call for something like noise because it would just annoy them, whereas if they were neglecting him maybe someone would force them to do something about it. Last time they were worried about noise they put a shock collar on him, and the painful shrieks were 100 times worse than what little disturbance his occasional lonely crying was. I don't want them to go back to using it again :( 

  • Try the SPCA. And call the cops. 

    As GC said, I think it's neglectful and inconceivable, but the law likely has a separate standard than what I would consider acceptable for my dog.

    Having said that, the ASPCA is very active in some communities, and the police may stop by. If the police came to me and told me people had complained about how I kept my animal ,I might change my attitude.


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  • Fun Fact: The ASPCA is only active in NY, NY. They provide no funding or services to areas other than NY. They do have grants and contests for other shelters but they are not a governing body and don't provide services to other places. Money donated to your local animal shelter has a more direct impact on the animals in your area. :)  There may be SPCAs or Humane Societies but they are not run by, nor governed by, nor given by HSUS or the ASPCA. 

     Technically, they are providing food/water/and shelter so it's probably not neglect; however, there may be confinement laws (though they are usually related to tethering) and the other thing I'd be concerned with is overheating. I don't know what kind of crate he's in, but if it's a Vari-Kennel, it may be too hot in the day or cold at night. 

    I would still call--I know the ACO's where I work would check it out and may talk to them, even if it's not technically against the law. They would try to educate.  

  • Dude, that is so, so sad. I don't know what I would do.
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