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No Buckin today AND no Scout?

BOTB baby boom underway? Maybe?
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Re: No Buckin today AND no Scout?

  • I saw scout earlier on another board.
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  • yeah scout was on 3rd tri earlier.
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  • I can assure you that Buckin is not doing sneak attack baby.

    I was hoping she'd update the board when she got home but at this hour it's not happening (I know she's in bed by now).

    She was at the hospital earlier after her ultrasound because they found a fluid cyst on the tip of her cervix and her blood pressure was high.  So she was in L&D being monitored and waiting for some bloodwork to come back--white blood cells were elevated higher than a pregnant woman's should be, but they sent her home a little bit ago.

    She's going back tomorrow for repeat bloodwork and as long as everything is okay with that, eviction process for baby buck will start Monday.

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