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What is going on with me???

So I am awaiting a natural cycle to start and am about 5 weeks post m/c. My RE was going to have me take Provera to initiate a cycle so I could start a cycle of BCPs before IUI # 2. They wanted to be sure I still had a negative beta level so I went in yesterday and today found out my beta was at 36!? It had dropped back to negative after the bleeding from m/c ended at the beginning of March. So now I am completely baffled because I was almost certain I didn't O on my own...And 36 is such a low # what if I was PG again and about to m/c again!?!? What could this mean and is it possible I O'd really late without any signs?! I am going back to have another beta drawn tomorrow so I will keep u posted!
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Re: What is going on with me???

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    Oh my goodness, I can't imagine how stressful that must be!  When is this next beta?  Let us know what happens, and in the meantime I'll hold good thoughts for you!
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  • Oh sweetie...I hope this is it for you.  I hope that your beta was just super early and that your next one is awesome.  Lots of luck!
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  • Wow, what a roller coaster! I'm really hoping you find out great things this cycle!
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