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Children's magazines are expensive!

I was looking on amazon to see what is out there.  I guess anything out there worth getting is $25+ for 6-12 issues.  Highlights is $35.  It seems a bit high, no?  I mean, if it was weekly, no problem, but 9 over the course of a year?    Boo!
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Re: Children's magazines are expensive!

  • WHAT. Highlights is $25? Even when I was a kid I thought they were sort of cheapy magazines. That's crazy!

    Kids books in general are expensive too. I'm not much of an anti-germy person but I can't bring myself to buy used books because they get so chewed up and slobbered on.

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  • How much is National Geographic Kids? DD loved those.

    And ditto the "I can't believe Highlights is that much." My grandparents always paid for the subscription though.

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  • Go through ebates and check They have some great deals and you get cash back through ebates. 
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  • Yeah they are expensive.  We are getting Discovery Little Kids and for like 6 issues it's $15.  I didn't think that was bad at all.
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