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Dropping Afternoon Nap?

So DS has refused to take an afternoon nap for the last week.  He wakes at 6:30, naps from about 10-11:30/12 and then has been going to bed early at around 7 (his bedtime is normally 7:30)  We do our nap routine in the afternoon at around 2:30/3, but he just plays in his crib for an hour. 

I try to stretch him out towards noon, but he gets too tired and fussy to go much past 10:30.  He needs at least a cat nap in the afternoon because he starts getting fussy around 5:30ish now.  He just talks to himself and plays with his blanket.  At least he is getting some down time, but he needs sleep.  Any suggestions?  TIA!  

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  • DD1 dropped her 2nd nap around 1 yo and transitioned to one nap 12pm-2-3pm. DD2 for the past couple of weeks has been refusing her 2nd nap unless she passes out in the car. She goes to bed at about 8pm and typically sleeps until 8am and takes one nap usually around 11:30am or noon and sleeps for 2-3 hours. So 14-15 hours of sleep per day-which is just about right at this age. She does get crabby and will be rubbing her eyes around 5pm, but just plays in her crib and then cries for me to come and get her, so I give up.
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  • DD has been taking one nap for awhile, now, but she takes a long nap. It's usually 11-12 hours at night and she takes a 2 1/2-3 hour nap around 11 AM. Today, however, she woke after only an hour and was awake from 12 until bedtime at 7 PM. She would not go back down no matter what I did :(
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  • uhh naps we're in the inbetween stage right now! We'll go a few days up to a week of only 1 late morning/early afternoon nap and then the past few days he's back to 3 naps a day! though I think he's teething so I don't think he feels good! Today he was down for his nap in 1.5 hrs I was shocked!
  • My DD did the same when she was transitioning to one nap.

    I held her off as long as possible in the morning and then tried to have some short errand to do in the afternoon (20 minutes in the car or so) so she could get a little cat nap.  It took about a month to get her nap where it really needed to be.

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  • We are kinda going through the same thing?  Past two days he has only had one nap for about 1 hr and then has been going to bed much earlier than usual.  I keep trying to put him down for that afternoon nap and it has NOT been working. 
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  • i try and get sam to nap from about 12:30-3 sometimes she goes down a little earlier

    she normally gets up between 7-8am she normally will lay back down after she wakes up for an hour though so she actually doesnt end up getting up for the day until 9am.

     i guess it all depends on how she is feeling, she goes to bed between 7-8 normally closer to 7. and she also starts rubbing her eyes around dinner time too which is normally 5-6pm

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