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My cycle can seriously go fly a kite...(vent)

AF still here on CD 10.  Back to heavy flow.  wth.  Cramping, breaking out, headaches.  Just like it was CD 1. 

This is what I get for getting off so "easy" last cycle.  Tongue Tied

I know some of you would really like a visit from AF....she has overstayed her welcome in my house so please take her off my hands!!!



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Re: My cycle can seriously go fly a kite...(vent)

  • I feel like AF has overstayed her welcome here as well.  I'm extremely willing to send her on her way to whoever would like a visit.
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  • So sorry AF is being a pain! I hope she gets out of town soon!
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  • Sending you *AF GO AWAY* dust!!!

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  • AF is a real biatch.  Either she overstays her welcome or shows up late.


  • image Carolee:

    Sending you *AF GO AWAY* dust!!!

    This! And big hugs to go with the dust! 

  • You know how they say that being around other women syncs your cycles?

    Any of you mind if I come to your houses and, I dunno, rub all over you for a while?  I'll take AF off your hands, gladly.  Ugh!

    When we want her, she's nowhere to be found, when we don't, she shows up and overstays her welcome, like that annoying friend no one really likes. 

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  • AF is killing me this cycle too! I don't usually PMS and cramping is usually a minimal.... but it's taking a toll on me this cycle. I'm pretty sure for DH is too ;)
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  • Ugh - I'm so sorry - that sucks!    I hope it goes away soon!

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