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I hate sposies, specifically pampers!

Let me start off with we have been CDing for almost 3 months. We sometimes use sposies when we are out and about. We have yet o buy any disposables, what have are still shower gifted. I put LO in a Pampers drymax swaddler this afternoon for our short trip to the YMCA, just for the ease of things while he was in their daycare. He pooped no big whup, changed him into a 7th gen dipe then we went home. LO and I were playing on the floor when I noticed a rash starting to form on his thigh. Then I went to get him ready for bed and his whole diaper area was getting red and rashy. I decided slather on the (gifted) non-CD safe cream and put him in a prefold and cover for the night. Luckily we have a pedi appt tomorrow, I will be sure to bring it up. This is so frustrating and upsetting. I really don't like that Pampers is still insisting that their diapers are not causing this rash. We have never had any issues with 7th gens or our CDs, so the change here is the Pampers! Ahh...blurg! Thanks for letting me vent!
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