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Nuby/Noby sippy cup users

Does it leak when LO sucks? My LO seems to like using the cup, but it leaks so bad I need a towel under it when he drinks! Are all of yours like this as well, or did I just buy a faulty cup?

Re: Nuby/Noby sippy cup users

  • DD uses Nuby's and they haven't leaked at all.  Maybe it's just the cup?

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  • I have a few of them and some of them leak. 
  • I got rid of all mine because they leaked...LIKE CRAZY! I hated them. I tried Playtex and while they do not leak when she drinks, if she shakes them or bangs them against something they drip. I picked up a Dr. Brown sippy a few weeks ago and I LOVE them! No matter how hard she shakes or bangs them, they do not leak!?
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  • Sounds faulty.  Ours has never once leaked.

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