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Tattoo for your child?

Does anyone have a tattoo for your child? Either their name or something that represents them? I am thinking about it, looking for ideas. Pics would be lovely! TIA!


Re: Tattoo for your child?

  • This is for Preston (I have not done one for Harrison yet).

    His astrology sign with a capital P in the middle:

    image Preston 10/13/06 - Harrison 04/14/10
  • So cute! I love it!
  • image


    This is right after I had it done, so I'm a little swollen and bruised.  It's DS's name with a vine.  It's my only tattoo and I love it!  

  • I don't have one yet but I'm going to get an owl for C because with his big brown eyes he's my owl baby. I might wait until I'm done having kids so I can have a cohesive piece that includes all of them.

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  • I'm getting this a week from Saturday:


    I'm getting it around my ankle, and will add each future child's name, with a heart on each side of the name.  Hopefully I will not be adding anymore stars, as they represent the 2 m/c's I've had.  I like it 'cause as I add, I can just wrap around my ankle.  

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  • Not yet. I'm not sure about getting inked while BFing, but I'm planning to get one when he weans.  His Chinese zodiac is a metal tiger (lucky me), so I want a tin toy looking tiger cub (I picture it sitting with its head tilted and big nuts and bolts for his jaw and joints) on my rib cage. 
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  • I love these ideas!  I've always toyed with the idea of a tattoo, but I never knew what to get. There was never anything important enough to me that I wanted it permanently inked on my body.  But DD sure changed that!
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  • I have a rose with stem on my calf, that is for H.  I'm going to add a vine of sorts with rosebuds for each child I have.  Haven't decided if I'll add initials, birthdate or anything else yet. 
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