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So we are demolishing...err...renovating :P

We have had plumbing problems for a few years.  We went to grey water because we had to.  Well we were trying to get it under control and nothing was working.  There seems to be some kind of blockage under the house.  Sooo...DH and BIL drug a trench from the back of the house to the sewage by the road and abandoned the old piping.  Now the plumbing works AWESOME but I have a big hole in the outside of my house.  [:/]  Oh'll get fixed.

And we are redoing the master bathroom.  We ripped the tile down in the shower and we are going to have to replace the drywall on 2 walls and fix/replace some of the supporting 2x4's (this tiled shower has been standing since the house was built in 1954!!!)  DH has decided that he wants to knock out the hall closet next to the shower and just make the shower really big.  FUN!  A HUGE shower.  I'm really excited.  :)

But a side note - We found mold to be exact...behind some tiles.  I was doing some research on it finding out the problems it causes.  Well, one of the things is things like eczema.  

L has eczema.  It was getting really bad.  He was on the shower floor when I took a shower for a long time.  A few weeks ago I started giving him and C a bath together in the tub in the other bathroom and his eczema has almost cleared up without me doing anything!  I didn't connect the two until DH found the mold.  Yeah...I'm glad we took that out of our house (it was thrown out the bathroom window) 

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