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Interviewing Pediatricians?

I saw the post below about this and was curious what you asked during the interview... did you have a list of questions, how many did you interview, when did you start interviewing?


Thank you in advance! 

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Re: Interviewing Pediatricians?

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    I totally haven't yet -- totally putting it off. But, I'd assume some good ones to ask are: (1) whether they have liberties at the hospital you're delivering at; (2) their hours/whether they are open on weekends; (3) ask ahead of time whether they'll be charging a fee for you to meet and "interview" the doctor (most places don't, but you never know I guess); (4) how long a typical wait in the wait room is for their patients (that seems practical enough); and (5) why they decided to specialize in pediatrics (so you get a general feel for the). Those are just ones I can think of ...
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    I was well over 30 weeks when I started interviewing them before K was born. I called 3 practices and did a walk-through & sit-down with the one we liked the most, which is who we went with. 

    My questions:

    What hospital are they affiliated with? What are the call-in hours/policies? What are the office hours (incl. nights/weekends/holidays)? How far out to schedule well-baby/routine physical appointments? What schedule do they follow for vaccinations and their stance/support on a delayed schedule (if that's something you want)? What type of support do they offer if you're BF'ing? Do they have specific hours and/or a separate waiting area for sick visits vs. well visits?

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