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Has anyone decided to go with a rocker/recliner vs a glider?

I've decided to go this route so we can use the chair in another room more easily where as a glider IMO, in our house, won't look quite right in another room eventuall..We might go looking this weekend for one for the baby's room but I have a ques..for BF, will a boppy pillow on my lap be enough support do you think? I've heard thats why gliders are better Confused something about how the arm rests are closer together or something..

Also, any pro's or con's to consider when selecting a rocker/recliner?

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Re: Has anyone decided to go with a rocker/recliner vs a glider?

  • I really haven't found a comfortable glider. We were going to cheap out on a rocker/recliner but last weekend the salesman talked us into a lazyboy. It was on sale for $400 which I thought was really good for the cadillac of recliners! I'm so happy with our decision. The cheap recliner was really narrow, I'm like a size 10-12 and both of my hips were touching the arms. The lazyboy is much more comfy :)

    I also like the idea of being able to kick out the footrest and pushing it back in. I would probably want an ottoman for comfort if I got a glider, but that's just taking up more space. 

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  • I LOVED this one when I saw it in the store, but I did NOT love the price tag!  We're going with a glider b/c of the price.  Plus, I think you'd be MUCH more comfortable in a recliner than a glider, even while breastfeeding, but that's just me!
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  • I went with the rocker/glider and I should of went with the recliner. I loved my glider, but it is sitting in the attic collecting dust. We opted for the glider because of the $. I would just sit in every one until you find one that's just right! Have fun!
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  • We bought a smaller-sized Lazy Boy rocker/recliner and LOVE it. 

    Because we didn't get a big one, the arm rests are in a great position and with the Boppy, should be great for BFing.  And the arm rests are wider, which spells more support to me.

    We went this route for the reason you mentioned above.  I really like that it rocks, reclines (at multiple levels), and has a footrest.  We got a good deal on it, so it ended up being less than any of the gliders we could find that reclined and we like the looks a lot better.

    A couple pros about Lazy Boy are that the back easily detaches from the chair for easy moving and it will recline with the footrest down.  Some other brands we looked at you couldn't do that.

    Good luck shopping!



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  • I wish I was going that route!  Unfortunately, I'm stuck with this glider that dh gave me as a gift when I was pg with #2.  I don't hate the gift.  I love the gift.  It was super thoughtful and I'm so appreciative.  What I hate is the glider.  I've never been a fan of gliders.  I would much prefer something a little more cushy.  The pad on glider still feels quite hard when I've spent more then enough time sitting in it.  I'd also like something that reclines.  There's been more then one night along the way were dd has had a bad dream or something (this seems to be happening quite a bit recently) and I end up spending a good share of the night in the glider trying to calm her down/comfort her.  I'd love to have the option to recline and cuddle in a little roomier seat.

    As for the boppy thing, IMO, the whole thing is a farce.  I know others will tell you differently and more power to you if you decide that you love it.  I tried to use it with both dd's and found it so awkward/uncomfortable that I gave the thing to Goodwill when #2 was about a month old.   

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  • I decided to go another route and we just have a chair from Ikea that I used to feed DD. It's a good size for me and I used the boppy pillow.
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  • This was a good question, as I haven't really looked into all the options and to be honest aren't sure of all the differences of each.  We have both a traditional rocking chair, and an Ikea chair with an ottoman.  I think we're going to try to use one of those rather than spending money on something new.  DH was saying if we use the rocking chair we'll get a new cushion that goes up the back too, and I'd want some sort of footstool.  I may end up not being comfortable enough in either, but I think I'd like to at least try first since we've already got them, and neither will overwhelm the space in the room.
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  • I made the mistake of falling in love with a leather upholstered Dutailier glider...were you still there when I was talking about it on Sunday? Problem is that I'm NOT in love with the $1100 price tag. I'm still working on DH, so we shall see!
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  • Thanks for the feedback ladies, I plan to plant my tail end on a lot of La-Z-Boys this weeekend Smile
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  • We are doing the same thing. Plus, since the baby will be on the first floor with us, I wanted a chair that would look good in the family room. Then, when the baby moves upstairs,m we'll move the chair upstairs. Then, when it's no longer needed....into the office it goes.

    There are some ugly-azz gliders out there. A nice, good -looking, comfy recliner/rocker is the way to go, IMO. And, I can probably get one for the same price as a durtailer with cartoon duckies all over it (::shudders at the thought of cartoon duckies gracing my decor::)

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  • We were going to go that route, but we don't have space for a rocker/recliner anywhere in our tiny house. As for the boppy, I find if supportive enough wherever I BF. DD finds it super comfortable and falls asleep all the time too Stick out tongue
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