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Really random onesie question...

DS is at a point where we need to buy some clothes, especially with the (hopefully) change in seasons. DH thinks that we need to stop buying onesies all together. He thinks they are more for babies, etc...well, this mommy isn't quite ready to give up the onesies. Perhaps it's a little of that holding on to baby thing, but don't get me wrong, I love to see him in "big boy" clothes too, I certainly don't put him in all onesies.

Anyway, when did you finally give up all the onesies? I was planning on waiting until we were closer to potty training, but maybe I'm trying to hard to hold on to the "baby" side of things...


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Re: Really random onesie question...

  • I love onesies, mostly because I hate looking at diapers sticking up from the back of his pants. I've only see them go up to 24 months though so we have to bite the bullet at some point.
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  • Yep, I've only seen to 24 months too. DS is a peanut, so I'll be buying 12 -18 mo. at the stores that do ranges or just 18 maybe I can tell DH we'll be forced out of them soon enough! Stick out tongue
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  • We stopped using onesies during the day at about a year (she slept in them until probably 14 months). I wanted to stop because they made diaper changes with my already-squirmy girl that much more painful.
  • I think he has three he wears now.  He's so extremely squirmy at changes and putting clothes on that snaps drive me crazy. 
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  • I just bought a bunch of 24 month ones, DS wears them under his shirts so his back isn't exposed and irrated. it also helps keep his diaper from sticking out hte top of his pants.  I plan on using them until he grows out of them!!!
  • DS will be two in a month, and he still wears bodysuits/onesies occasionally.  He has some long-sleeve ones in various colors that he wears either alone or under a cardigan, and he has some short-sleeve white ones that he wears under sweaters and sweatshirts.  I probably won't use them much this summer when he's mainly wearing short-sleeve shirts.  (I'm not sure his 24 mo. ones will still fit then, anyway, and as others have said, I think that's the biggest size.)

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  • DD1 was tiny so she was still wearing 24m clothes when we were PTing and so we stopped onesies at that point. DD2 is more "normal" sized and is wearing some 24m onesies now, but only a few since most of her clothes are hand-me-downs and DD1 didn't really have 24m onesies. This is really weird, but DD2 is currently obsessed with her nipples. She's constantly wanting to play with them, kind of the way some kids play with their belly buttons. So I've been putting her in onesies to curtail that a bit!!
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  • We stopped wearing them around 1 year.  He squirms during diaper changes and it makes them so much easier!
  • We gave them up when DD was around 1.  Like a pp mentioned, diaper changes are hard enough with a squirmy kid and those extra snaps made it that much worse for us.  I don't love seeing her diaper stick out of her pants, but then she never did run cold enough to need that extra layer anyway.
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  • image DCtoLowcountry:
    I love onesies, mostly because I hate looking at diapers sticking up from the back of his pants. I've only see them go up to 24 months though so we have to bite the bullet at some point.

    Yes! This is such a weird pet peeve of mine. It's like underwear hanging out - can't stand it. Plus, C runs cold so we always have one under his jammies and regular clothes. Unfortunately,  he's in 24 mos now, so our onesie days are numbered.

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  • We're just about done with onesies with DS. Most of his tops are regular t-shirts now. He's a brute and is already in 12-18month size t-shirts and onesies at Old Navy, Carters, Kohl's, Target, etc. I see so many more t-shirts than onesies in these larger sizes. We bought a few 24-month size onesies for DS for summer, so I figure by fall he'll be totally done with them. (and, yes, he's only 7 months...he has a long, broad torse like his dad.)

  • LOVE onesies!  I don't have as many now as I used to for DS but I love them.  Especially in the colder months, I put them under his button down shirts, sweaters, and overalls.  I'll be sad once DS grows out of them for good, but hopefully we'll be on our way to #2 by then so I won't have to give them up all together. Smile

  • I am probably am in the minority but I still use onesies. I like him being layered and it keeps his shirt in. My son is 30 lbs and we have just started buying undershirts.
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  • you can still use onesies; we don't use them on DD anymore b/c she potties at day care and it would get wet every single time. but I put one on her last weekend


  • Warner is pretty huge, so age wasn't really a was more a size thing. He was out of all of his onesies by the time he was a year old, but he was wearing 18-24mos size clothes then and his onesies were all too small.

    He does still wear one-piece sleeper pjs (in size 4T!!!!!!! *sob*), but those go way up in size (my 8 year old nephew still wears them).

    ETA: Carters sells nice regular undershirts...I'm all for layering (especially in this awful damp, cold weather!), so he wears them under all of his shirts.

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