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My Sweet Girl Has Autism

Not even sure what else to say about it. DH and I knew it was coming. It was weird to hear.  We were given a lot of info. She needs to start behavioral therapy which we knew. She is already in speech and OT will start in about a week or so. There are also several test we will have done (blood/EEG/MRI) to make sure there is nothing else going on.

There is still a lot of unknown which is the part that upsets me most (will she play team sports/ be in mainstream classes/ have boyfriends....). Either way I have a perfect girl who I love being around and she knows she is loved! 

Thank you all so much for the good thoughts and prayers, they really mean a lot to dh and me.

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Re: My Sweet Girl Has Autism

  • I'm so sorry sweetie, my thoughts are with you guys as you sort through all of this and find the solutions that work for you!
  • Hugs and prayers to you and your family. I'm sure this was a tough day, even if you saw it coming.
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  • Ugh.  Even though I know you've had your suspicions for a while now it still must be a blow to hear the actual diagnosis.

    I'm glad you've gotten a lot of info but it sounds like it might be a bit overwhelming right now.

    Huge hugs to you and to her as you seek out what ever help will bring all of you the most joy in your lives.

    And please updates us on the subsequent testing.  I'm sure waiting for those results will be nerve wracking. 

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  • I know this has been such a hard road for you worrying about Isabel. While obviously I'm sure you wish she didn't need any diagnosis, I hope it provides some relief to at least have an answer and know how to proceed.

    My younger sister has autism - a pretty severe case (compounded by physical/palate issues that further affect speech development so even now at 17 years old she is difficult to understand when she speaks). But she attends a mainstream high school and is in many if not all mainstream classes I believe (I think she has some periods of more focused classes but is in some typical), does very well academically, read early, and even had a boyfriend last year (I don't know if she still does). I think he was also on the spectrum and his mother was one of the aides in some of their classes. There is such a spectrum within this diagnosis and even such a spectrum of what falls into mainstream that she will find her place, and I know you will be a WONDERFUL mother and advocate for her and she will flourish no matter what her future holds.

    Big hugs, lady.

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  • Oh, I'm so sorry.  I know that hurt so much to hear, even though you suspected.  It's got to be good that you're catching it so early, but still, I know that had to be so hard.  I'm sending out big hugs to you tonight.

  • I know you knew it was coming but its never ever easy to hear from a doctor.  I'm so sorry sweetie.  But just remember that they have come SUCH a long way in helping children like her achieve SO much.  This is just a bump in the road but its not a end all be all.  She WILL over come and she's so blessed to have a momma like you loving her through it all!

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  • Hugs, hon.  I am sure that this was all a lot to take in. 
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  • Hugs - I'm so sorry you have to go through this. 

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  • Big hugs my friend! I know that must have been so hard and I understand when you say that it is the unknown that concerns you the most. You are a great mom and she has you and her husband on her side fighting for her all the way. ((((HUGS))))
  • I am so sorry.  Of course it helps to have a diagnosis and start getting the help she needs, but the unknown about her future is tough.  I hope that with help, she can live a relatively "normal" life, I know there are good therapies out there that make a huge difference.
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  • I know that this has to be so difficult for you and your husband (the unknown, especially) but your sweet girl is so loved and that is so obvious.  She was definitely meant to have you as her momma :)

    I teach first grade and my all-time favorite student (I know you're not supposed to have favorites, but eh!) is autistic.  He was in my class four years ago and is/was the most loving, sweetest child.  Everyone wanted to be his friend because even though he didn't speak much, when he did, what he had to say was so incredibly kind and genuine.  He is from Korea and came here without the AU diagnosis and I worked hard all year to get him the help he deserves... and now he is thriving!  

    I will continue to keep your family in my thoughts.  Your perfect girl is beautiful :) 

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  • Many, many hugs to you and your DH.... even if the suspicions are there, it's always hard to actually hear the diagnosis.
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  • ((HUGS)) hon.  I'm sure it was a tough day, even if you already suspected the diagnosis was coming.  Everyone else has said it better than I can - that you are an amazing mom and your sweet girl is going to do just fine with this.
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  • ((((((Hugs)))))))

    I will continue to pray for your family...hang in there, Mama.


  • The good thing about it being diagnosed early is that you can start therapies and treatments to help her.  My sister as Aspberger's and although she was in special ed in the beginning, by the time she was in 3rd grade she was mainstreamed.  Dr's know a lot more about autism now and I'm sure as your daughter gets older she'll have access to lots of new knowledge to help improve her situation. :)

    (Also my sister has been successfully living on her own for 2 yrs now 
    (she's 33) so my family is shopping for a condo for her. )

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  • (((HUGS))) honey.  Thinking of you.
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  • You do have a perfect girl....(((hugs))) to you. You will find your way with all of this.
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    I am so sorry...It will be a difficult road, but no less rewarding than parenting any other child. :-)  I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  I'm also sending you a PM. 
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  • Hugs to you and your DH. While you had your suspicions, hearing confirmation has got to be difficult. But, she is still the same precious girl she was yesterday, but now you know the direction in which to go to best help and support her. Doctors and educators know so much more now and with the number of children with ASD will only mean that there will be even more supports and resources available for families.

    You are a wonderful mom. Despite knowing it might mean hearing something difficult, you moved forward in getting help for your LO. She know she is loved and cherished! I hope your weekend shifts pass quickly. Thinking of you.
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  • Your sweet girl has wonderful, loving parents who will back her every step of the way - and that already puts her way ahead of a lot of other kids.  And - her early diagnosis means early autism intervention which leads to the best results. 

    I am going to PM you later with a link to another program I did - the second half of it is about older children with autism, 1 in college and 1 headed there next year.  

    Hang in there - you are a wonderful mommy to your beautiful, perfect girl.  


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  • I'm heartbroken for the same time, I am hopeful that she will have a happy, fulfilling life in the mainstream world.  I'm sure you've done lots of research and heard lots of stories, but I met a mom through my midwife practice who had a son who was diagnosed with Autism around Izzie's age.  He was 6 when we met (8 or 9 now) and through a lot of alternative therapies (diet being a huge one), he was almost fully "recovered" (not sure if that's the right word).  It was inspiring. 

    Huge hugs to you, my friend.

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  • (((hugs)))) I know that this must have been so hard to hear even though you had your suspicions. But it doesn't mean your little girl is any less perfect, or special, or beautiful. She is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy as you who will do everything possible for her. The fact that she has been diagnosed so young and can get help from such a young age will help her immensely. I know that waiting and seeing is so hard, but remember that she loves you and knows you love her. That is the most important thing and nothing will change that. 

    Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. We are here for you whenever you need to talk or vent. 


  • I hope that you are able to get as much info as possible in order to help Isabel.  Big hugs and positive thoughts coming your way.
  • I am (have been all day) thinking of you.  I know a boy who is now in 1st grade, a mainstream class.  He was diagnosed very early (like her) and with intensive therapy/work/dedication from his parents, he has come so so so far!!!

    The next few days/weeks/months will be difficult, but I hope and pray that getting a diagnosis, and treatment plan will make all the difference.



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  • ((HUGS)), thinking of you and your sweet little girl.
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  • Somehow I missed that you had concerns, so this is coming to me as a huge shock.  I am so sorry to hear this as I can only imagine how much of a blow it was to hear it come from someone else's mouth. 

    From what I know, it is good to get the diagnosis early and get into different therapies.  You did just that!  You went with your mommy gut and now you can drive down the 'what can we do about it to get all of us the best quality of life" road.  And she will indeed have a wonderful life because she has such great parents!

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  • I think you are an amazing mommy with an amazing little girl.  The unknown must be very difficult at this point. You are in my thoughts and prayers.  
  • I don't know what to say.  I am sorry that your fears were realized.  My thoughts will be with you as you go forward with therapy and more testing.  There is so much more knowledge about autism now and like Schmoodle said, a huge range in the spectrum.  Early Intervention is so important and you are such an amazing and wonderful Mom.  I am sure she will be fine.  You will do everything you can, and just take it one step at a time.



  • ((Hugs)) Thinking about you guys. 
  • You are a great mommy to a very special beautiful daughter. She is lucky to have you and you her!
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  • I am so sorry. I know you expected this, but that makes it no easier to hear those words. I will pray for your family as you sort through the emotions and decisions. Hugs
  • image Smudges*Mom:
    Hugs to you and your DH. While you had your suspicions, hearing confirmation has got to be difficult. But, she is still the same precious girl she was yesterday, but now you know the direction in which to go to best help and support her. Doctors and educators know so much more now and with the number of children with ASD will only mean that there will be even more supports and resources available for families.

    You are a wonderful mom. Despite knowing it might mean hearing something difficult, you moved forward in getting help for your LO. She know she is loved and cherished! I hope your weekend shifts pass quickly. Thinking of you.
    This, to the t! My 2 nephews are autistic. The older is more severe, but the younger is in mainstream school. He's the smartest little thing and I see very bright things in his future. They have both been in therapy since they were diagnosed and I'm an or, so if you have any questions at all, please ask!
  • You must feel so many different emotions right now! I'm sorry for the news. There are so many fantastic resources and things to do nowadays that I think you'll find yourself in good company and support. 


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  • I'm so sorry. Even though this was expected, I'm sure it's hard to have it confirmed. Isabel is lucky to have you and your DH as her parents who clearly love her and will support her so much.
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  • I'm sorry.....keep hugging that little girl tightly and doing whatever you can for her, as you already are!
  • You are such a wonderful mom and Isabel is so lucky to have you (and DH too).  I know you will do all that you can to make sure that she is as happy as she can be.  (((hugs)))  I'm so sorry.
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  • Sending you hugs and prayers...
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    I'm so sorry.  I can only imagine how hard it is for you come to terms with.  Lots of good thoughts coming your way.  I hope you find lots of support and local resources
  • I'm sorry you got the hard news today, but I am happy you were able to confirm all of your thoughts.  You have already been doing an amazing job advocating for Isabel, and with the additional early interventions that will begin soon, your whole family will be on the right path to successful growth.

    Try not to worry too much about the future right now (easier said than done, I know) and focus on loving & supporting your sweet girl in every way you know how!

    Sending loads of hugs your way!

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  • I'm so sorry, I know you were expecting it but that doesn't make it any easier.  You may not have all of the answers now but things will work out...and we will be here for you if you need us.
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