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I told you told you TOLD you that wool covers can't go in the regular laundry, and just to set them aside and let me know so that I can hand wash them!  I guess that explains why I couldn't find DS's WCW soaker earlier today :(  And I guess I should have dug through the dirties just to double check, but I didn't miss the soaker until I'd already run everything else through a nice hot wash.

I seriously feel like crying.  DH's response was "well, so buy another one," and I had to explain to him that I don't think I can.  This is the one with the baby dragon embroidered on the butt.  It looks like mostly the trim shrank along the leg openings, so he'll still be able to wear it but it won't be as effective at containment.  The overall cover definitely shrank too.  And I'm probably partly upset because this will be the third wool cover I'll have to lanolize today (one because DS kicked at a bad time during a diaper change, one because I think he's outgrowing the yellow edge prefolds and it leaked), but still.

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Re: Argh DH

  • I swear husbands never listen. This morning I found my brand new Thirsties cover in the trash can. He said he could find the wet bag so he thought the trash can would be ok. WTH?!?!?!
  • Aw man that sucks :(  If it makes you feel any better you're cute new wool shorties are going out in the mail tomorrow...and they're already lanolized!!
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  • The trash can?  WTH, man?

    He clearly feels bad that I'm upset, and he's usually really good with the CDs so I'm trying to not be hard on him.

    And, His1&Only - that does help :)  I'm really looking forward to getting them.

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  • Both husbands in this thread need a smack upside the head.

  • Yep, that is like when MIL thinks she is being helpful but doesn't know all the "rules" about CDs.  I'm still glad she is willing to do CDs, though!

    DS born 8/2010 - preliminary stages of SN int'l adoption - fur mama to 2 shelter dogs;  cloth diapering, babywearing, EBFing mama

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