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Cloth Diapering

opinions, opinions (vent)

I made the BIG mistake of telling the SIL that we were considering CD (this was done all through text):  She said that all kids who wear them, no matter what type/brand smelled like pee/poop regardless of how clean the diaper looks, that you have to have a really energy efficient washer and dryer to save any money, that I would never hear the end of it from MIL, that some daycare won't take them (I know this might be true), that we need to support the big company that my FIL is retired from who makes diapers because their retirement fund is rapidly disappearing (they just put an addition on their house....the addition itself is much larger that my house alone!), and that she buys from amazon with coupons and ends up getting them for 10 cents a diaper......and I think she said even more. 

Pheww!!!  I am exhausted just writing this!  And this was just one long strand of text messages without even giving me a chance to respond.  In-laws....gotta love them.  Incidentally, I will probably need to live with my MIL and FIL for 6-8 weeks while my kitchen gets remodeled because I don't think it will be safe to be around all that construction dust.  Better start preparing myself now!

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Re: opinions, opinions (vent)

  • Wow, usually people make faces who don't understand but that is quite a rude opinion she has!!

    First off, you don't need a super nice washer/dryer to save money, the amount you save with cloth is so substantial that a new vs old washer isn't going to affect it that much. 

    Second, disposable diapers smell soooooo bad, not the other way around.  I would really like to know why she has that assumption.  I have a home daycare and the kids I watch do not use cloth but I do with my son.  Their diapers are so much worse smelling, and you can tell its from the disposables.  Like with my son, the pee diapers smell like pee, and theirs smell just awful.  

    Ok so she says she spends 10cents per diaper, so roughly $1 per day.  Hardly any kids potty train before 2 so lets say, her kid's diapers for 2 years would cost $730.  That doesn't count the diapers past the age of 2, or the ruined clothes from the multiple blowouts that happen with disposables.

    Does she really think that one baby is going to make a big difference in the company your FIL worked for??  I doubt it.  Hand him a penny and say that is about what he would see from you investing in his company's diapers, if he's lucky.

    The only truth out of what she said would be that not as many daycare's will use them, but it isn't impossible to find a place that does and that is good.

    You need to do what is best for you and your child and your SIL needs to but the hell out!

    /end rant

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  • FWIW, we have an older washer+dryer (ie not energy efficient at all) and my diapers never stink.  We do use disposables for travel, and those stink when they're wet/soiled- I can't stand the way they smell.  Good for them for getting cheap diapers through amazon for now- there won't always be coupons!
  • I would just reply "That's funny, I don't recall asking for your (uniformed) opinion." and leave it at that. 

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