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Mommy FAIL. Childproofing?

 We have a one story home with a finished room above the garage that  we use for storage. B took Jackson up there a month ago maybe to reorganize the room and Jack spotted the bongo's we are storing for some friends. He has mentioned them from time to time but, he knows he can not open that door. 

I was folding clothes in the laundry room four steps from the upstairs door today and noticed he was being quieter than normal. I turned the corner and noticed the door was open. It's about 18 pretty steep steps and we have a tiled floor in our mud room. To say my heart stopped would be an understatement.  I rushed up them and he knew he was in trouble. He started crying saying he didn't want time out he just wanted to play the drums. So I know he knows he did wrong but, I can't chance that ever happening again. What have you used that worked? The door knob circle things? Latches? Right now I have a baby gate on the bottom step but, I'm not convinced it will stop him from trying again. 


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  • Oh boy that is scary! The door knob holders have been great for us. Colin can't get them open. Glad he is ok. 
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  • I second the door knob covers, we have them on doors leading outside and on finn's bathroom door and inside his bedroom door. He can't get them open.
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  • Try the covers first - they should stop him for a while.  Colin figured out how to tak one brand apart fairly easily, so we bought a different kind.  Now he's strong and tall enough that he can open the doors even with the covers on!
  • We have the door covers too. Derek can reach and turn the handles on some of our doors and this has worked so far. I'd start there with Jackson and see if you need something more after a while. Those are cheap and easy.
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  • My in laws got a door knob cover for the basement after my niece took a tumble on their stairs. 4 grandbabies after and still no accident.
  • door knob holders
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