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How are you?  How is your brother?  Hope things are getting better.


  • Hey, thanks for checking on me!  My brother got out of the hospital last Friday, it was a drug overdose and the drugs just didn't show up on his tox screen for whatever reason (not sure if you saw that update).  My parents took him him directly to a long term rehab place (8-12months).  

    He stayed there for detox but they move across the street to the other part of facility for the actual rehab part and there is a bedbug outbreak so he doesn't have a room yet.  He's been going to meetings there from 7a-3p and then going and staying at my parents house, I guess this will continue until he gets a room and officially is in the program.  I think we would look for another program but this is one of the best in the country and its free, so hopefully they get the bedbugs out soon.

    I'm trying to hang in there, I'm 1 week into a 2ww after Femara IUI.  Not optimistic, I'm not sure I responded great to the medicine.  I told myself this week was a fresh start, put all the drama behind me and I was going to have a good week.  That attitude hasn't really worked, I had a really shitty work week, but tonight is my Friday so I guess there's always next week. 

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