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WDYT about Bum Essentials?

I looked on the review sheet, but I don't see anything about Bum Essentials. I'm thinking of buying a couple. Anyone especially like them or hate them? How is the fit?
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Re: WDYT about Bum Essentials?

  • I have one. It was my free diaper from KC.  It's a nice diaper and it works great for naps for my tummy sleeping toddler.  The velcro does not stay attached to the laundry tabs --- that's been a problem since day 1 and it drives me nuts.
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  • I'm selling three of mine- it's not a great fit for my LO but I've heard nothing but good things about them (besides the laundry tabs).
  • Thanks for the replies. I will probably try them out at some point. 
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  • I had the same problem with the tabs when I started with these...I went back to where I purchased them, and the lady showed me how to twist the tabs around the back of the diaper and secure them together that way--they rarely come undone now!

    They do fit great, and they're absorbant. We do have them all the way unsnapped already on our 24lb 12 month old though.

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