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Maternity Clothes yet?

I went to the maternity store at my mall and tried on a bunch of items. I'm at the point where NONE of my pants fit. Pre-prego I had thought I'd been able to wear all my same pants, just unbottoned and with the belly-band thing. I can tell already that that will not be an option. At this point would you just buy 1 or 2 pairs of non-maternity pants in a bigger size, or buy some maternity pants? BTW I thought the belly flap on the maternity jeans seemed really weird at this point when I tried them on last night, but maybe I'm just not used to it as this is my first pregnancy. Thanks!
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Re: Maternity Clothes yet?

  • I bought maternity pants the minute I thought I could justify like 12 weeks. Just go buy some maternity pants! They're way more comfortable than even the bellaband, and I'm about comfort these days 
  • GGGGRRRR - my post was eaten I think??? 

    Anyway- here goes again.  I would recommend getting a couple pairs of maternity pants- I like the under belly ones - they aren't as weird as the full panel.


    Also look at Old Navy online - I lived in their gauchos last pregnancy and will be doing that again this time around!

  • I'm 15w and have been in some pants for a few weeks now. My pre-preg pants ended up being too big in the hips/butt (lost weight due to m/s) but the waist was still tight. I made the move and am happy I did. The seasons are changing so it's nice to get a little more use out of the clothes I'm buying.
  • Did you DD to avoid criticism? Ha, okay...that's frowned upon too.

    As far as your post, I thought the same thing, and that theory was blown clear out of the water by week 18 or so. I have a 37" inseam though so I didn't want to invest in crazy expensive maternity pants that I'd only wear 5 months. Instead I bought a lot of long maternity shirts and really stretchy leggings and yoga pants. They are soooo much more comfortable than any pair of jeans, and since warm spring weather (hopefully!) is coming soon, dresses and skirts will be more doable. GL!

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  • I went and bought maternity stuff before I even really needed it and I wish now that I had just bought a few pairs of bigger items first, then the maternity stuff. It's not like you won't get use out of it, but the bigger items keep you from looking too pregnant for a little longer and you can use them after you're no longer pregnant. Not like you can't use the maternity stuff after but they generally frown on that on What Not to Wear so I'm trying not to do that after! lol
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  • Well, I bought two bebands and was trying to hold out with those until spring arrived, but last week I could t make it any longer so I bought maternity pants. Idk how much use I will get out of them no because spring has now arrived, but I have them if I need them and I'll save them for #2:)
  • I got a pair of Hiedi Klum maternity skinny jean from Motherhood Maternity (they were on sale, 50% off. Go me!) and they are the most comfortable things I've ever worn. They also don't have a whole tummy panel, just a little extra elastic around the waist.

    I'll be wearing them long after LO is born lol Stick out tongue

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  • I broke down and bought some tonight and am SO glad I did!  I am 5'2" and there is not a lot of places for the baby to go :)  I was feeling frumpy and f-a-t earlier today, to the point of tears....but after finding some clothes that fit and make me look pregnant and nice I am a new woman.  Go team.

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  • I started wearing maternity pants around 12 weeks and it was the best decision--I have been so comfortable that I may never go back!!!

    I haven't needed maternity shirts yet, hoping I can last until the weather gets a little warmer


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  • I just bought maternity since I knew I would need them anyway!
  • I'd go for the maternity pants.  If you buy non-maternity pants in a larger size to accommodate your belly, they probably won't fit right in other places (thighs, rear).  I bought 1 pair of maternity jeans early on & I live in them; they're so comfortable.  They are not the full panel front; they're a demi-panel (about 3 inches wide).  You could wait & get the full panel pants later in pregnancy when you might need the extra support... 
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