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dont know if iam overreacting

i have been checking about swelling of my legs since i started the 2nd trimester.every morning i noticed a mark  from the top of my socks but it usually goes down by the end of the it seems to be fluxuating durning the you think i could be pre -e? iam so nervous that when i go to the ob on monday that is what he will say to me. what do you girls think????

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Re: dont know if iam overreacting

  • I have extreme swelling in my legs, ankles, feet.  My rolls have rolls type swelling.  My doc said it's normal and not to worry about it, unless I have headaches and dizziness accompanying it and then they would want to do a urine test to check for protein.  His tips for decreasing the swelling are:

    1. No/avoid processed foods

    2. Avoid salt/decrease sodium intake

    3. No celery (I guess it aids in water retention)

    4. Foot pumps or walking to increase circulation

    5. 3x day lay down on your floor, couch, bed and put your feet up against a wall for 15 min.  The important part is to get your feet above your heart to aid the draining of fluid.  I see the biggest difference in my swelling when I do this.

    Also don't wear socks if they are cutting off your circulation or get some that are loose.  I am going barefoot, wearing flip flops and sandals a lot these days for this reason


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  • Ah, I think there are a million things it could be.  Definitely talk to your dr and see what they think, hopefully they can help you pinpoint the source.  Hopefully it's something easy like cut back on the sodium or something. 
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