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when did you switch bath tubs?

My DD has figured out that she can stand up in her infant tub Tongue Tied, of course im sitting with her,  but im thinking that it might be time to just use the bath tub. When did you all make the switch and did you use anything in particular to help support baby in the tub?


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Re: when did you switch bath tubs?

  •  DS did the same thing and I just have been using the regular tub since, he still tries to stand in it!
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  • We're about to make the switch to the tub.  DD is standing up in her duck tub and she flips over onto her belly and tries to crawl out of it.  I looked around at BRU and didn't see anything to put in the tub other than the non-slip tub mats.

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  • We made the switch at around 6 1/2 months (once he could sit for a while) because we were traveling for Christmas.  We ended up getting a mat for the bottom of the tub (we originally used a towel but that got annoying).  Other than that DS hasn't had any issues sitting in it or anything.  He loves it!! It's like his own personal pool!  He splashes like crazy!
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  • We started putting him right in the bathtub at 8 months.

    Nothing to support him, just a no-slip mat. 

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  • We're making the switch this week since she's also been standing in the baby bath tub.  We just got a non-stick mat.  
  • We switched around 6 months when DD2 was sitting well. She was way too big for the infant tub at that point. She was 18 lbs at 6 months and is almost 20 lbs now.
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  • We switched DD when we ended up soaking wet after everybath.  It was just before 7 months.  She could sit well on her own and we just put a small towel on the bottom of the tub so she wouldn't slip as easily.  She loves it, plus she can have more toys and deeper water.

    Last week was her first bath with her big sister and they both had a blast.

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  • When I give him a bath I just use the tub, when DH gives him a bath he still uses the little tub. He tries to stand in both
  • we picked up a 2nd hand infant to toddler tub and I have it in the big tub.  I think I still need a non-slip mat.  He was 11 months old.


    I did like this one too as it is a tub you can put in the tub but it has a stand you can use to raise the tub to your level (so you're not bending over) and it works as a step stool as the child gets older


    Most people will probably just say put your LO in the tub!

    Take a chance. Take a risk. Take the initiative. Make your wishes a reality and make your dreams come true!

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