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Sippy cup woes

Hello! I am new to posting but am a long-time lurker :)

DS is almost 10 months and still has no interest in a sippy cup! He will hold it and suck on the top, but he doesn't understand the uptilt you need to get any liquid out. He has been EBF but takes an occasional bottle of pumped milk. The pedi suggested getting him a cup with a straw, but I haven't seen one that wouldn't spill everywhere the second I left him alone with it.

 Suggestions, please!! :)

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Re: Sippy cup woes

  • i got a playtex one with a straw in it, and it doesnt spill all over

    and Samantha is about the same age and has no interest in it either, she does really well with the tupperwear tumblers but they dont have a no spill feature so she only gets it while in her high chair.

    i wouldnt worry to much, my pedi wasnt too concerned by it at our appointment and just said to keep offering it.

  • get a 12 month + straw cup to start with.  Our straw cups will leak if tipped over for a long period of time but it's not a huge amount.

    This cup is pricey but it's our favorite because it's easy to suck the water out and it has handles.

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  • DS has a munkin one and it doesn't leak it is tipped over.. i would just let him play with it and figure it out on his own. that is what i did with ds and he loves it now
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  • We were in the same place - until I got a straw cup earlier this week. We finally had success with the Playtex straw cup that you can squeeze to help bring the liquid up the straw. (the cup isn't that flexible, but it did work enough) I had been giving DD a sippy of some kind at most meals since she was about 6 months old, with her showing very little interest of actually wanting to drink out of the cup. She will drink some out of an open cup, but when she sips she spits most of it out. She still doesn't drink everything that she sips up in the straw, but it is serious improvement. I was really getting worried because I need her to drink milk and other liquids out of something when we wean from the breast soon...
  • I just wanted to thank you for this post because we are in the same situation. DD just turned 10 months and only enjoys playing with the sippy cup. She does not want to drink from it. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
  • We love the Nuby "Flip it" no spill.  It's fantastic and it was fairly cheap at Target.
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  • Thank you for your post, we are in the same situation.  My DD is 10 months old and has no interest in the sippy cup.  I have bought five different kinds with the hopes that she will like one of them.  She hasn't taken to any of them.  But I guess I will keep trying.
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  • We have 4 different brands of sippys and still no luck. He just chews on the handles and when I try to give him the spout he arches his back. We'll keep trying! :) I think I'll try one of those straw ones next.
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  • I tried different cups but gave up because I didn't want to waste money.  She drinks pretty well from a regular cup, although she dribbles.  It gets caught in the pocket in her bib, though, so it's not a big deal.  She can pick it up, hold it, and drink just fine but she has problems putting it down without spilling, so I have to hold my hand there when she drinks.  It's not a huge deal, though.

    I gave up last month when all she would do is chew on the spouts and handles.  It might make my life more difficult, but then again, kids survived before sippys were invented.

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