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hip pain...pinched nerve?

I have a sharp pain in my right hip when I walk.  It is on and off, but occurs for over 1/2 of the time.  I'm not a fan.  Any suggestions??

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Re: hip pain...pinched nerve?

  • Does it go down your leg?  Could be sciatica.

    I have been having hip pain, but it goes up my back.  Doctor said bursitis.



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  • It isn't going down my leg.  It is just in the hip.

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  • I've been getting weird tingling feelings in my hip. Doesn't really hurt, but it feels like a section of it is falling asleep. My doctor said it's just the baby's position.
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  • I had a lot of hip trouble w/my DD and it continued after her birth. For me it was the tendons in my hips, knees and feet getting looser and then they were weak. That in turn changed my gate. I use an insole in my shoes now and it is much better. I had the made at a running store and they were much cheaper than what the doctor was going to make for me.
  • I get that pain sometimes, it's worse during the night when I sleep.  I try to do these stretches before I go to bed and it generally helps.


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  • I've been having bad hip pain as well. Its mostly my left hip.It gets worse as the day goes on. Thanks for the stretches! I'm going to try them today!
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