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Mangoes - Acidic? Allergic? Rash help?

DD is sitting with Quinn, sharing a mango with him (very cute - he's sitting on a regular dining chair like such a big boy).

It all of a sudden occurred to me that he's started eating more mangoes in the last month or 6 weeks (I've been getting them in my co-op basket).

He's also gotten a terrible rash - I posted about the one that was not red, but bumpy - dr wasn't worried said it looked like dry skin/eczema/heat rash.  But right after we went to the dr the rash got much worse (we used some Cal Baby powder because we didn't have any cornstarch like she suggested).  DH thought the powder just dried him out too much, but now I'm wondering - he has water blisters that pop up in his diaper area and then take a LONG time to heal.  Two weeks of that.

Do you think it's food?  I started using the EFF detergent... but I think it was a few days after that (though I could be wrong... it might be related). 


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Re: Mangoes - Acidic? Allergic? Rash help?

  • My nephew would get a similar sounding rash from tomatoes and/or citrus fruits so I would say that it could totally be the mangoes.
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  • my SIL gets a rash all around her mouth if she eats mangoes. totally possible. :( 


    aaaand now I want mangoes... thanks. ;)  

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  • My bff's son is allergic to tree nuts and the allergist said that mangoes are related to tree nuts so he has to stay away from the.
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