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pain in abdomen??

So I have has pains in my R Ovary area over the past 11 weeks or so, today tho I have a pain a little higher up, about an inch below my belly button, and over to the right like 2 or 3 inches. It seems like its radiating to my back. Its not like a doubled over pain, but its defenetley there. Any opinions? I have no (and have not had any) bleeding? Anyone? Is it RLP??

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Re: pain in abdomen??

  • For the past several weeks I've been having a similar pain in my left ovary.  It switched to the right side once, but mainly I feel it in the left.  It doesn't hurt every day, but it's at least twice a week.  I've not asked my doctor about it because I guess I just assumed that it was the round ligament pain but I really have no idea.  Like you, I've experience no bleeding so I was writing it off as normal pregnancy pains.  How often does yours bother you?  I hope it gets resolved soon for you!  Good luck!
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  • I had pretty much the same thing and went to the hospital on sunday. after many test they can find anything wrong except the pain. baby was great and everything else was fine with me. I still have it off and on and just try to ignore it now.
  • Yea I get twinges now and then as well, in different areas all throughout. Unless they are severe or accompanied by changes in temperature or bloat or have bleeding, I tend not to worry about them. Your body will definitely tell you if something is seriously wrong! lol
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  • Its rare for me to go a day without any pains in my abdomen in some way. I haven?t taken my temp since I confirmed ovulation in December, not even when I had the flu a few weeks ago. This is just not my usual pain, but I checked internally, and no bleeding at all. I am sure its all normal, and ok, I just get freaked out really easily. This is my first pregnancy, so I never know what to expect. I get quite a lot of headaches too. It sucks. I keep telling myself, I wanted this, and its all worth it in the end? J

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