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Surprise, surprise, LO qualifies for speech therapy

LO had his evaluation yesterday for Early Intervention. He qualifies for speech therapy. I'm not surprised and I'm glad that I got the ball rolling. During the 45 minute assessment, LO was practically mute. He did growl a little bit towards the end and, while the ladies were gathering their things, he babbled just a little bit--showing that he is capable of making sound! I am ready to get moving on this. I am looking forward to LO talking and learning and interacting more with the world around him!
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Re: Surprise, surprise, LO qualifies for speech therapy

  • Glad you'll be able to get started on the therapy early! Grant will be talking your ear off in no time!!!
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  • Aw, I get exactly what you're saying and I'm sure it's bitter sweet.  Here's to getting the ball rolling! 
  • Glad to hear you are feeling good about this now! My DS has been in speech therapy for almost a year and he's made huge strides. Plus, he loves his speech therapist and thinks he's just playing with her.
  • I hope he is talking your ear off VERY soon!!


  • Whoa!  I was just going to page you to ask about this!

    It was kind of emotional for me when Reed was assessed...Do they do parent classes too?  Our program had a program for parents to learn some techniques to help their kids.  I found the tips I learned were really helpful.

    Good for you for getting him assessed.  You know your son, and you could tell he needed some assistance.  He will be making strides in no time and you will be so amazed!!

    Good luck!

  • I'm glad you're able to get moving in this.  I've heard nothing but great things about early speech therapy.

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