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On the go and at home snack idea suggestions?

My daughter just turned one  Only has two teeth on bottom.  She loves chunks of banana and cherrios.  I also giver her graduate puffs but running blank on other snack ideas for on the go or at home.  Any input would be appreciated!  Thanks!  (I'll be posting also on 12-24 mos but since she only has a couple teeth thought I'd post here also)

Re: On the go and at home snack idea suggestions?

  • DD likes mini nilla wafers, mini club crackers, aniumal crackers broken up (her sisters gave them to her!), lil crunchies, yogurt melts, probably her favorite though are the goldfish graham crackers.
  • We mainly do.... Mum Mums, Veggie Sticks (the potato snacks), Ritz crackers, and goldfish.


  • Gerber yogurt is good for on the go bc it doesn't have to be refrigerated.  DD also has puffs, yomelts, cheerios and fruits.
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  • DS loves goldfish, Nutrigrain bars, and Materne Squeeze applesauce.
  • yogurt melts, puffs and little crunchies
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  • baby goldfish, raisins, earths best granola bars. I also saw some freeze dried gerber apples at stop and shop today we may try soon. 
  • Cheerios and other dry cereal like fruit loops, etc.

    Yogurt Melts (her favorite!)

    Crackers of any sort


    fruits (berries mostly because they hold up on the go and don't need to be cut)

    arrowroot cookies

    gerber yogurts

    cheese sticks (string cheese)

    graham crackers

  • The stage 2 foods that are in the sqeeze packages are a big hit for us. We also buy the GoSqeez applesauce and apple and banana from walmart, it's so much cheaper! 
  • Yogurt, fruit (kiwi, mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, pears), cheese, part of a whole grain muffin broken into pieces. 

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  • I do make a mix of cheerios, honey nut cheerios, kashi berry puff cereal, and puffs.  Also have dried fruit (strawberry/banana), tried freeze dried bananas from Trader Joes (broken into smaller pieces), yogurt melts, puffs and arrowroot cookies.  Target has a veggie puff that's good.  DS loves the sweet potato puffs (esp the Plum brand).  DS slobs on on the arrowroot cookies & teething biscuits, so they're messy.
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