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What do you do to keep your LO "regular"?

Lately DD has a less poops... there used to be a few a day, but now it is more like 1-2 in a row that are quite... well, explosive. She seems uncomfortable beforehand and less hungry, probably because of the buildup. I try to give her prunes pretty regularly--what else can I do to help things along? What do you guys do?

Re: What do you do to keep your LO "regular"?

  • LO used to have a pretty big problem...we had to give her suppositories every week to help her go. she seems to be doing okay now but i give her prune/apple juice (watered down a little) when she hasn't gone for a few days.  and lots of fruit, which is pretty much the only thing she'll eat anyway.  i had read pears can actually constipate in some babies so i stopped giving her those and that's when she started pooping regularly again.
  • P fruits daily (pears, peaches, plums, prunes), lots of fruits & veggies in general.

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  • My DD gets 1-2 oz of prune puree in the morning.  I'll give it to her straight or mix it with oatmeal or yogurt.  She also gets other food for breakfast but always prunes.

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  • probiotics are great for keeping them regular.
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  • The first time we had to give DS antibiotics, we started giving him probiotics to counteract the negative effects. We kept giving them to him and he's never been constipated since. Some formulas have probiotics/prebiotics in them, but not enough to really make a difference. We bought some labeled for kids (including infants) from Whole Foods and crush the dose (half a tablet for the ones we buy) and add it to his first bottle every day.

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  • lots of fruits and veggies!
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  • Ditto lots of fruits and veggies.  We also rarely feed him cheese, which is constipating.  We give him a sippy cup of water every couple of hours.  We also sprinkle all of his meals with wheat germ, which has a lot of benefits - one of which is keeping things regular from the high fiber.
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    P fruits daily (pears, peaches, plums, prunes), lots of fruits & veggies in general.

    This.  DS almost always has pears at lunch.  Also, a little water will work too.

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  • We use "Baby Calm" which is a magnesium supplement.  You just dissolve a 1/4 tsp in some hot water and then we mix it with a small amount of apple juice.  Chill it, and then give it to LO.  We did this recently for DD and within a day she was back to normal. 

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