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help with idea for 'coming out' to coworkers

I want to tell everyone as a group or as close to it as possible, rather than have the news float around the office. we don't have a staff meeting next week and that's when I hoped to tell them. I know there are some very creative ladies here... help me come up with something good! :)

Re: help with idea for 'coming out' to coworkers

  • The people I work with are spread all over the building and only get together in September each year so I sent an email out letting everyone know that I was expecting and when I was due.
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  • I write an internal newsletter for my office. I also work with my MIL, so in the last newsletter, I put a note that said "Congrats to [MIL] who is expecting twin grandbabies in early October." I put a copy in everyone's mailbox and the news spread like wildfire. It made my MIL's year and saved me the awkwardness of going around the office and telling everyone in person. :)

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  • I'm not very creative... my closest coworkers (my lab-mates) all knew we were doing IF treatments.  I told my closest friend/cw when I first got my BFP.  I told my boss with my positive beta.  I told my male cw's after my first ultrasound. 

    If you're going to tell them at a meeting, could you bring in food like cupcakes with pink and blue frosting?  Everyone loves treats and would be a cute way to announce it!  Hopefully someone else has better ideas because that's all I've got.  ;)

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  • I'm not very creative either, I plan on letting it slip to the known gossipers and letting it take over from there. 

    Baking?  Everyone loves baking!

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  • for dd I made cup cakes and put pink and blue sprinkles on them.  I was coming out to my 12 employees so i gathered them up (like i normally do for an informal quick meeting) and told them and my DH brought out the cupcakes (we work together)   They were all shocked and thought i was gunna tell them some bad work news with the way  i was acting!  hehe

    I am not in charge of anyone in my newer position so I dont know what I will do. I dont think I will make a big deal of it.  Just let it get around eventually and get people wondering about my belly.  Or maybe i will make cupcakes again cus now I want some!

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