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When will my boobs stop hurting?

Weaned DS early this month.  He hasn't nursed for over 3 weeks....and now my boobs start feeling sore again?  Is this nornal?  I can still get a little out by hand but that doesn't help the soreness.  Should I see if DS will nurse for a minute or so? 

Re: When will my boobs stop hurting?

  • Oh no.  I don't have any advise as I'm not going to wean for 3 more months.  Man, I'm not looking forward to it.  Hope you feel better!
  • Do not nurse him unless you want to start to BF cycle all over again!

    It should be feeling better.  A hot shower, cold compress, hand expressing should all help.  Honestly, taking a cold med would help dry it up as well.  GL!

  • This sounds like a very good chance of low grade mastitis to me.  Is the soreness deep down in your breast?  If you start presenting with a low grade fever I would head to the doctor.  Did you have any cases of mastitis while BFing?  

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