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Right Upper Quadrant Pain?

I've had PIH since the beginning of this pregnancy, and my OB always makes a big deal about whether or not I'm having "right upper quadrant pain" b/c that can be a symptom of pre-e. Well, today I've been having a pain in the right side of my ribs, like my ribs are actually kind of sore to the touch. I would probably call it more of a discomfort than a pain. I've checked my blood pressure, and it has been fine all day.

So, my question is: how do you know if you're having the pain associated with pre-e or  if your ribs are just sore? I thought it might just be the baby up in my ribs or something. Is the pain associated with pre-e much more intense and wouldn't my blood pressure be high?


Re: Right Upper Quadrant Pain?

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    I had Pre-e/HELLP with my first pregnancy.  For me, the pain felt like someone was standing/sitting on my chest.  It was a constant pain/ache that did not go away until after deliver.  I would call just to be safe.
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    I never had the liver pain with my pre-e, and what you describe sounds a lot like the horrible rib aches I had this pregnancy that were just from ligaments stretching, but since you have the PIH, I'd definitely call to be certain
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    I have also been having soreness in the same area. I checked with my family dr. and he scheduled me to have an ultrasound to check out my liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. I'm thinking of canceling though because it has gotten better. My OB said today that he's 99.9% sure that I just pulled a muscle because the pain has been going away with tylenol and some heat. It's still not completely healed, but it could take weeks. I've felt this "rib pain" for about 3 weeks and it started right after I have a bad sinus infection and was coughing really hard. On top of that, the baby has been kicking and pushing his butt/back into my ribs which adds to the discomfort. 

    Each time i've been to the doctors (OB and family), my blood pressure has been normal and neither doctors had brought up the concern of pre-e.  

    I hope it's the same with you and nothing serious. 

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