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Weird cramp

I keep getting almost a wave like cramp in my central abdomen about half way down from my belly button. It isn't awful but uncomfortable and really does come in waves and ofcourse freaking me out. On top of that my bloat seems gone today....
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Re: Weird cramp

  • ((Hugs)) I know that every twinge and cramp can be worrying. When in doubt, I always say feel free to call your doctor! I hope the waves stop and you can relax.
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  • I had some cramping a lot like you described and my bloat was completely gone this morning, so I have been a little worried today too. My boobs haven't really been too sore lately either.  However, now that I am preparing dinner, the very very mild morning sickness is creeping in again I think.  Today is really a day where I really needed to get by, so I have just kept repeating to myself our good and well known PGAL mantra, "Today I am pregnant and I love my baby,".

    If it's really bothering you, I agree, you can always call your doctor.  But if you are going to, then call before the office closes!  (((hugs)))

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  • I have been having some weird cramps similar to what you are describing. It is so nerve wracking! I have been trying to rest when I can and drink lots of water. That hasn't been going great for me though. Normally I drink 2 32 oz bottles a day. Lately I'm lucky if I get 1 down. I had to go to the store today so I was on my feet a lot. While I was out (warning TMI) I had the grossest discharge. I went to the bathroom to check if it was blood. Thank God it wasn't, but holy nastiness! And that damn Crinone doesn't help. I shouldn't complain about it, since it is helping me stay PG but it is disgusting! Hope your cramps stop. If not call your Dr. GL
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