3rd Trimester

what's your prefered technique?

I got one of those yoga bouncy balls for labor, and I hear they're good before to prep befor delivery and sometimes help labor start rolling... but.... how? Is there like... a particular way I'm supposed to be bouncing or what? And has anyone ever had any success with using them in labor or in helping induce labor?

Re: what's your prefered technique?

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    I wouldn't bounce...  Just sit on it and rotate your hips in a circular motion. Maybe google "birthing ball" to see what they say.   Have you taken any birthing classes?
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    I bounce. It's supposed to help baby drop. I also rotate my hips in a circular motion both directions and just go forward and back and side to side. Basically whatever feels good on my back!
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    I sat, rolled, bounced, and labored on it.  I felt like an idiot carrying it into the hospital, but I am so glad I did.  It was so comfortable to sit on during contractions.
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