Pregnant after a Loss

lemme see you tootsie roll

What the hell are these candies anyway, a semi-hardened chocolate paste? 

Why are you so good, tootsie rolls?  I can't stop eating you!

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Re: lemme see you tootsie roll

  • To the left, to the left. To the right, to the dip baby dip......dip baby dip...

    Lol, I did a little dance in my chair. They are delicious though, especially the fruit flavored ones, Lime is the best.

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  • Kind of like Cadbury Eggs...I just don't want to know while I unhinge my jaw.
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  • You don't wanna see this tootsie rolls... rolls.


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  • God, I love tootsie rolls. Don't even get me started about tootsie pops! I'd kill for one right now.  Thanks a lot! Stick out tongue
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  • I thought you were asking to see bump pics. Mine is definitely some kind of roll right now.
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  • I can only eat the very small ones.  I never understood the bigger sizes, but they are soooo good
  • And now I want tootsie rolls.  Wink
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  • OMG the fruit ones.. I would give my left leg for a bag of those right now. 

    After two losses, a rainbow arrived! DD born 11.5.11
    Dx with severe Asherman's syndrome after a botched PP D&C (pursuing med mal)
    Hysteroscopy Oct '13, not enough progress 
    Hysteroscopy Jan '14, given an end-of-the-road diagnosis
    Joined International Asherman's Association April '14 
    Not ready to give up yet.
    Hysteroscopy with Dr. Isaacson (an expert in the USA) 6.2.14: Good prognosis, at least 50% of cavity open.
    Repeat hysteroscopy scheduled with Dr. I on 6.16.14. Great progress. Unbenched!!!!
    Discussing actively TTC with DH after the heartache of the last year. We're both reeling.
    Please, please, please. 
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