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Morning Sickness and Potato Chips

I might be the only person that didn't know this at the start of my pregnancy.  And so if that is true please ignore me.  But I didn't know that potato chips help with morning sickness until I was around 12 weeks pg.  I was at the OB office and DH was reading a brochure about m/s and told me that might help. 

And so, if you are having terrible "morning" sickness and haven't tried potato chips they might help you as well.  I found the plain ruffles were the best.  And I would eat them anytime I felt m/s coming on.  One night I was going out for a steak dinner and was feeling very ill.  1/2 bag of potato chips later and I felt better and was still able to eat my entire dinner. 

That is all.  I hope it helps someone.

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Re: Morning Sickness and Potato Chips

  • On a very random whim yesterday I grabbed a bag of ruffles at the gas station yesterday. I was going on and on about how that was the best snack I've ever had, blah, blah. It's funny because I went to get a sprite because I was so sick and grabbed some chips as well and it really felt good on my stomach. :)
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    Thanks, I need to try it because this nausea is killing me. My RE also recommended ginger candy, it's like taffy. That's what has worked the best for me so far.
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  • HI SallyAnne!  You're moving right along! YAY!

     Anyway, this is interesting.  I will keep that in mind for next time (HOPEFULLY)

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  • Thanks for posting.  I haven't really had ms badly (just a little nauseous now and then), but throughout my whole pregnancy I've been craving potato chips.  Pre-preg I would NEVER eat chips :)

    Two nights ago, DH made me a steak dinner.  I could only get half down.  Grabbed my potato chips and ate half the bag (yikes) and felt MUCH better.

    I thought it was in my head!

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  • Chips have been great for me too!!!  French fries too
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  • Sadly Chips and FF have been my friend of my few friends... I know that the baby is getting what it needs from me right now, but sometimes I feel so bad that the only things I can eat are completely unhealthy...I used to eat so healthy prior to being pregnant.
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