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Question for those that lift

I'd post on H&F but most of the ladies over there would respond based on a normal uneventful pregnancy and that isn't entirely accurate for me. I am not high risk but my OB has placed a few restrictions on my workouts based on the complete medical history. She is normally not a restrictions sort of OB so I am taking her seriously.

At the moment I am not allowed to run (b/c of heart rate-I also have a minor heart condition) and I had to change my weight routine as it was to intense. My concern is increasing weight, when is this okay? I've read after the first trimester but am not sure. I'm going to ask at my appointment next wk, for now I am just wondering.

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Re: Question for those that lift

  • My RE nurse said lifting was completely fine, but I did more research myself and the main thing you should follow is listening to your body.  I used to lift pretty heavy w/my husband but after attempting lifting on Monday and getting dizzy w/deadlifts I decided I'd have to create a modified workout.  Not to mention when I layed down to do reverse flyes I about screamed from my bbs hurting.  I moved to the machines instead of all free weights but will still do some free weight work.  I'm also doing split body instead of focused lifting so it's not as intense.

    I'm also only walking instead of running but that's just me...I know it's not too realistic but I'm afraid if I run I'll lose the baby.  Maybe I'll feel better after the next u/s.

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