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UWS Summer/Fall classes

Does anyone know of good classes for a 2 year old on the Upper West Side (ideally 70s or 80s). I've heard good things about Poppyseed Pre-Nursery, classes at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, Music for Aardvarks, and there is a Kidville in the area. Have you tried any of these places? What was your experience? Do you have any other recommendations???
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Re: UWS Summer/Fall classes

  • Sorry I am responding to your post as no help to you...but I am a newbie to the area and need some of your advice ;)  In the past two years what has the UWS offered you as a momma?  Do you know of any good daycare schools?

     Oh that reminds me, I emailed back and forth with a nice lady re: maternity clothes on the UWS and she did have this to say about classes around here.....

    uws is a great place to be for babies! Columbus Gym is a great play space (west 89th), Hands on is a music class (west 86), and you can also check out the JCC (Jewish Community Center) on west 76th- they have awesome classes (whether you are Jewish or not).

     Hope that helps a little :)

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  • That helps a lot, THANK YOU!!!! Sorry for the slow response, I don't always check what's going on in here. The UWS is fantastic. We had been living in Hell's Kitchen and then moved to Texas right before our son was born. We got transferred back and knew the UWS was the place for us, so I haven't been here the entire 2 years DS has been around...Only about 6 months of it. The neighborhood has everything you could possibly want for a child: the Children's Museum, hair cutting places just for kids, tons of toy stores, easy subway and bus lines to the rest of the city, and tons of playgrounds and parks.

    As far as daycares, check out Smarter Toddler, Star America, and Pre-School of America. They seem to be the big ones. Otherwise, most folks seem to go with a nanny, rather than a center.

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