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NBR: stressed about house hunting again

We own our own home so it isn't like we've never done this before.  However, this time around we have kids and also need to sell our current home plus find a new one.  We just got pre-approved last week.  Yesterday my dh dropped off some paperwork to our Mortgage Broker and she asked him if we put our house on the market yet....what??  I guess I'm just confused how this will all work out.  I'm worried if we put our house up now and it sells quickly that we won't be able to find a new house soon.  And then we also need to make sure that our house is sold before we buy.  Ugh!!  And not to mention the whole process of keeping our house clean 24/7 to show it and pack for the new place.  Ok vent over.

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Re: NBR: stressed about house hunting again

  • We're going through the same thing and I am so stressed out.

    I believe you can put a contingency on your acceptance that you need to find a new house before you can close. Or, if you choose you can find a new place first, but your offer is going to have to have a contingency on the sale of your current house. Which means in the meantime they can continue to show it and possibly accept another offer. 

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  • yeah, it's stressful. We haven't even started the process yet, and I'm already stressed. 

    If I were you, I would put your house on the market if you are planning on seriously putting an offer on anything. You can do a contingency offer. (so, you won't be stuck w/ 2 mortgages) And on the other hand negotiate w/ any buyers on your current house that you have time to find a new place before selling. 

  • Yeah, we will be doing a contingency offer.  However, I worry about that too if there's another offer with ours and they don't have one.
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  • Ugh - just keep thinking happy thoughts and it will go great....right???!! :)

    Good luck!!!!

    And, you can always rent out your home if you find something and they won't take a contingent offer. Not always the best plan...but with a two bedroom I bet you could get a lot of bites! A lot of people are renting now because of the credit crunch and all that...so it is a pretty good option too.

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