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Newbie question - sports bra or free willy @ night?

Hey all,

I have been having HORRIBLY sore bbs and am desperately looking for anything that will help.  I notice they are worse when I first wake up.  The other morning I took off my tank top (no bra) to get in the shower and they felt like someone was ripping them off when I bent over.  I've started wearing a sports bra at night but I heard that it might not be good to keep everything constricted for so long.  I know there's a lot of b/s out there so I'm hoping you ladies can share your experiences and I can hopefully alleviate some of this craziness!  Thanks!

 BTW, I was a 36 D to DD before pg.

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Re: Newbie question - sports bra or free willy @ night?

  • I bought a sleep bra a few months ago and it's nice.  It's not too constricting like a sports bra is but it gives just enough support.
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  • I always wear a bra a night... practically ever since I started wearing a bra. I feel so uncomfortable without one on, sleeping or not.
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  • I'm only an A cup, so I really don't even need a bra during the day (I really only wear one for "enhancement").  However, my bbs hurt so much a few days ago that I slept in a sports bra for a couple nights.  Now I'm back letting them be free at night.
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  • I have some really soft Gap body bras that I wear to bed, not nearly as supportive as a sports bra, but keeps the pain down, especially for those many bathroom breaks.

    I am also a DD so I think keeping them strapped in is a must, but I don't want to wear a sports bra that mashes them together and creates cleavage wrinkles.

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  • What about a tank with a bra built in? 


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  • Exactly...I already have a few of the wrinkles and my mom has them bad so I'm trying to stay away from that but I'd rather deal w/the wrinkles than the pain I guess.  I'll have to check Gap out cuz my sports bras are all about a size small because I like them to be super tight to hold the girls down when I run or they hurt even when I'm not pg.  So they aren't exactly letting anything breathe.

     Thanks for all the inputs ladies!

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  • I have to reel in my lady jugs at night, I can't sleep free willy. Surprise
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  • imagejnealet:

    What about a tank with a bra built in? 


    Unfortunately, not enough support. :(  And now that they're getting heavier those poor tank bras stand no chance.  Stick out tongue

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  • I use Medela sleep bras & love them! I never stopped wearing them once I weaned DS. they are soft & comfy-not so tight and constricting as a sports bra. I am a D so I need something. I can't just go free willy :-)
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  • I let them roam free across the sheets and pillows at night.  My breasts were only tender for a very small time with this pregnancy so it hasn't been much of an issue.  With my first pregnancy I felt I had to duct tape those bad boys down or I'd be in tears from the pain.
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  • I also wear the Gap Body sports type bras (I think they call them "bralettes" LOL). It holds everything in there without too much restriction. Often, I wear that under a camisole that has a built in bra. So everything is tucked comfy in there, but I don't feel like I've strapped them down too much.

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