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*~* Thursday Ticker Change *~*

Hi Everyone!  It's Thursday again!  YAY!!

So how is everyone feeling? Any milestones or big appointments coming up? Any news to share, or anything we can send our T&P's to you for? 

Karen1998 - How's the bladder and the cervix?  Baby still using them as a trampoline?

Stargazer - How'd the appointment on Monday go?  Did you get your anatomy scan scheduled?  How's the m/s?

hwsgigles - How did did your anatomy scan go?

Ryand&Kristin - Congrats for being HALF-BAKED!  Yay!!  How did registering over the weekend go?

sunflowr0803 - How's the new house?  Surely all the boxes are unpacked and everything put away by now, right?  ha ha!!  


Hope everyone has a great week and happy Thursday!! 


19 weeks for me!  And really nothing to new to report except that I have been feeling flutters all week!  I love it!!  


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Re: *~* Thursday Ticker Change *~*

  • Afternoon! :) So cute you have a little update on what everyone was up to the past week.. can't wait to read everyones responses.  Congrats on 19wks - 1 more and you are half way!

    20wks for me today... can't believe I am half baked!!! I say this all the time but never thought I'd make it this far! Registering went well, though we only got about half done :p Even with Baby Bargains in tow it was very overwhelming.. though a great start! MIL is throwing our baby shower which will be on June 11th :) So excited! She isn't sending out invites until 4-5wks before though which I thought seemed a little late as June is a pretty busy month for people. I don't want to step on toes or anything but I feel like I may suggest sending them a tiny bit earlier ;)

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  • 15 weeks today!  The appointment went great on Monday.  I didn't have to see my idiot Dr. and saw the nurse instead.  I was told that Monday was my last u/s in the office.  I'm a little bummed about that.  I need to get b/w done after the 9th, but I'm not sure why.  My anatomy scan is scheduled for the 18th!  I still have the m/s, but only throwing up once or twice in the morning, and have the occasional all day nausea.


    Flutters are exciting!  Can't wait until I feel them.  One more week, and you'll be half baked!

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  • Good evening. 

    My LO is a blueberry today.  7 weeks and a very long way to go.  I feel like when I am not pregnant time fly's by, months feel like weeks and when I am PG the time is just dragging, it feels like forever for a week to pass.

    You all know about my ER visits and the bleeding episode so other then that I am feeling great.  The past few days my m/s has kind of gone away and I am not sure how to feel about that.  I have my next U/S on Wednesday April 6th.

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  • Hi Ladies,

    Glad to hear all the good news and updates! 

    My anatomy scan went GREAT!  It was so awesome seeing our LO for almost an hour on the screen.  LO was very cooperative and we got some great pictures.  My favorite one is LO sucking his/her thumb all bundled up inside!  We even got a great 3-D pic too.  Our u/s tech is amazing!  Things are going well and I am just starting to feel some kicks here and there.  It's such a wonderful feeling!  Can't wait to hear more updates next week from everyone!


  • imagelorlei13:

    sunflowr0803 - How's the new house?  Surely all the boxes are unpacked and everything put away by now, right?  ha ha!!  

    WOW! How do you remember all that from everyone?! I am super impressed!!

    Well, we are in the new house!! I want to say that at least 65-70% of downstairs boxes are unpacked! That's pretty good considering DH has been working most of the week. We are hoping to go through all the crap the seller left in the garage this weekend, so that will help a lot.

    Pregnancy/baby related - things are going well. :) Baby's been moving around like CRAZY the past few days, which is great b/c he was a little quieter the first few days of moving. On Monday, we go for our hospital tour!

    I can't believe it, only 11 weeks left. Scary/awesome!

    Hope all you ladies are doing great!! 

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