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Anyone wanna trade their family for mine? Vent.

Vent 1 -I found out yesterday that my sister went to my daughter's daycare (when she picked her up two months ago) and grilled the person we were in discussion with to watch Claire full-time.  Basically, this woman was considering leaving her job and working for me privately and my sister takes it upon herself to try to talk this girl into it at her place of employment.  It makes sense why this girl hasn't really talked to me about it recently - my sister scared her.  (My sister told her that if she had other kids to bring to my house she could, that she could take vacations, etc. which is stuff I would say BUT I DIDN"T ASK OR NEED MY SISTER AS MY AGENT!)  It's about the third or fourth time that my sister has done stuff like this at DD's daycare in the 4 times total she has picked Claire up.  And I've talked to her everytime explaining it's not her place.

Vent 2 - My mom (who got ahold of my sister before I did) told my sister I was mad but is siding with her because she "does a lot of stuff for you so you shouldn't get mad at her."  Seriously if we made a list of who does what for each other and their kids, I would win the contest but until this incident I never felt the need to try to tally.

Vent 3- My MIL felt the need to broadcast my c-section date on facebook and then has the nerve to say she wished the date was different so it coincided with someone else's birthday.  This woman met Claire twice.  It rubbed me the wrong way and I'm tempted to say, "Sorry my doctor's schedule isn't aligning with your wishes." But I won't.

Vent 4 - My DH is now mad at me because I told him his mother was out of line for broadcasting the news (I wanted to tell people that are much closer to me first) and is ridiculous for saying that she wishes DS would come on a different day.

I'm thinking of taking Claire and running away....okay, so I'm only going to take her to dinner and shopping after I pick her up from daycare so I don't have to deal with DH.  

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Re: Anyone wanna trade their family for mine? Vent.

  • Ugh.. family!  They think they are helping when they really aren't.  Have a great time at dinner and shopping though! 


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  • Definitely sounds like you need some good Mommy-Claire time. Enjoy your evening!
  • Aww man D! So sorry you're dealing with all of this drama! Hopefully having a nice night out with you and Claire will make you feel a little better!
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