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Clearblue Fertility Monitor vs. Ovulation Test Strips

Hi ladies,

I'm sure this has been asked numerous times, but I couldn't find a recent post about it.  Sorry for asking again if this is something you have already discussed and answered.

I have a question - which do you feel is better?  The Clearblue Fertility Monitor or the Ovulation test strips?  Which do you/have you used before? 


Married September 2010, ttc since August 2010. So far - nothing
Me: 40, Husband: 33
After an emergency D&C on Nov 8, 2011, we are giving up hope of ever becoming pregnant.
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Re: Clearblue Fertility Monitor vs. Ovulation Test Strips

  • I have used both and I have had my monitor for a couple of months.  I love the monitor but it's a bit more picky than the sticks.  You have to start it up on the first day of your period, it then only lets you test 3 hours before and 3 hours after the time that you first clicked on day one.  I think it's given me better timing than just using the strips. 
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  • I have not used the monitor but I LOVE the CBE Digital OPK.  I was using the basic strips for 16 months off and on and never was CERTAIN that I was seeing a positive.  I am on my 3rd month of using the digital and I must say that nothing makes me more happy than seeing that Big Smile!!  Well other than a BFP but hopefully I am on my way to that!  Good luck with whatever you decide!
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  • I have used both and much prefer the Clear Blue Easy monitor. It's pricey and the strips are $40 for a box of 30 but that normally lasts three months depending on your cycle length. I'm never sure I'm reading the basic strips right. At least with the monitor it's clear whether you are low, high or peak
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  • I agree with everyone.  Ive used both.  the strips are cheaper but hard to read.  i dont regret stepping up to the digital smileys!
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  • I've used both before. I felt the test strips were kinda hard for me to read (sometimes the line was lighter, darker, the same as the line that's supposed to be there) so it was just confusing for me to use. Though I did use them to get PG with my DD within 4 months - I think they did help me determine, roughly, when I was O'ing.

    Now with all the years I've spent TTC for #2, I borrowed my friend's monitor and have been happy with it and that it determines two days to BD (or one or two b4 or after those days). So that's nice to know. However it hasn't worked yet for TTC #2.

    I did see some on ebay that IMHO I think it'd be worth it to purchase those. You buy your own sticks (like through Amazon) and there's nothing gross about borrowing (or buying) someone else's machine.

    Good luck!

    Loving life's blessings!
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