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Kid to Kid or Once Upon a Child?

I am sorting through all of Owen's clothes today, from NB to 2T and getting rid of 95% of it.  I want to take all of the clothes to one of these stores to sell, but which will give me the most money for my clothes?  I have at least 7 garbage bags I am going through and have a TON of stuff.  I have been to OUAC before and they were ok, but thought about giving K2K a shot.  I called Children's Orchard and apparently, I can't go in and sell until the end of May bc they are too busy :/

Re: Kid to Kid or Once Upon a Child?

  • I'll be honest i think these places are soooo picky and rip you off many times. Too bad u missed all the big consignment sales recently cuz u'd have gotten better money for them probably.
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  • no direct experience, but you might also have to split them up into two seasons no matter where you go. The little place by my house only takes in seasonal clothes, but maybe you will be luckier with bigger stores
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  • I don't think either of those places are worth it. I really think you'd do much better at the area consignment sales or other consignment shops in the area. I'm almost willing to bet that no matter where you take it, you'll have to divide it up into spring/summer & fall/winter.
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