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So with Spring Break next week my friend and I want to take a day trip up to Chattanooga and see Rock City/Ruby Falls. They are both anti-stroller so we cant go.. Has anyone been to the Childrens Museum up there? The museum and aquarium are on the same street so I was thinkin we might do that.

OR... on a different note, little trip to Callaway Gardens if the weather is nice..  

Is it worth the trip? It's only 2 hours from me. thanks! 

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  • Chattanooga is a great city! I haven't been to the aquarium there since the field trips in elementary school, but I've heard its really good. Some say they even like it better than the GA Aquarium. Also, there's Coolidge Park right next to the aquarium that has fountains to play in (like the ones at centennial park) and a carousel. Its such a great park. They also have a walking bridge that's nice. So, anyway, there's so much to do in Chattanooga (if its a nice day!) so I say it is worth the trip.
    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • we took the peanut when he was about 3 months old to the aquarium and it was totally kid friendly and fun. you can also go see the chattanooga choo choo at the choo choo hotel - makes for some great photos.

    rock city is a blast though - go sometime with a baby carrier and enjoy!

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  • We really like the Chattanooga Aquarium.  We met some friends and went last fall on a Saturday and it was no where near as crowded at the ATL aquarium.  It's unique in that it's in 2 separate buildings and you ride an escalator to the top and then walk down to see everything.  It's a cool concept and DD really enjoyed it.  The downtown area around there is great too. Lots of restaurants within walking distance. We haven't checked it out personally, but I have heard great things about the childrens museum there too.
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  • I personally like their aquarium better than ATL's!  No experience with the Children's Museum there, but I'm sure it would be fun.  Rock City is fun when they are a little older.  Thinking of doing a day trip with just Gavin sometime soon- before it gets too hot. 






  • I grew up in Chattanooga and never thought Rock City or Ruby Falls was especially fun. Pretty anticlimactic. The Aquarium is great and I have always heard that the Children's Museum is awesome too. We haven't made it there yet. I don't know how much they have for really little kids though, so that is something to check into. Like Guz said, Coolidge park is nice and has the carousel and plenty of wide open space to just run outside. That is a big one for Owen and has been since he was your little guy's age. Another one to consider is the Incline Railroad. It is a train car that goes up the side of Lookout Mountain. Once at the top you can walk over to Point park and run around, see the views, etc...then ride back down. It is one of my favorite things to do in Chattanooga and we will be taking Owen soon. 

     Anyway, there is plenty of stuff to do there that will fill your day and that should be fun for all of you. Hope you have a fun trip!



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  • Thanks for responses! We'll probably hit up Chattanooga next week and do the Gardens when it warms up : ) 
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  • I actually went to school there and going there this weekend for a girls trip.  They also have a hand made carosel. They are actually made from a factory hand crafted in chattanooga.   It is located across the river from the aquarium.  You can do the blue walking bridge to get there.  Great place to have a picnic too.  Aquarium is super kid friendly and so is the CM.  There is a lot of walking to do so bring your walking shoes!
  • We love that aquarium more than the one here and have a membership to that one. We have taken Derek and he loves it and it's very kid friendly. We haven't been to the museum yet but I'd like to take Derek. I wasn't sure he'd like it yet when we took him last. There is a lot to do around there like everyone said within walking distance. Have fun!
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
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