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Graco MyRide 65

Speaking of RF car seats and the new "rules"....

We are in the Graco SnuggRide 32 now DS is very tall so we are starting to think about the next size up. Looking at the Graco MyRide 65. It seems HUGE but lets them RF up to 40 lbs. Anyone have experience with them? Any other recommendations?

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Re: Graco MyRide 65

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    I loved our Graco SnugRide (infant seat). I don't have any experience with the other one (sorry), but we have Britax Marathons for both kids and are very pleased with them. One is forward facing and one is rear facing. Kate is 3.5 and has been in her Marathon since she was about six months old or so. It is still going strong.
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  • We have the Graco MyRide 65, one in each car.  I've been very impressed with it so far.  And Button seems to like it.
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  • We have a Graco MyRide 65 and LOVE it.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend the big bucks on a Britax, and the Graco got great reviews.  I don't have a single complaint about it.  We'll be getting another one for this baby once she's out of the infant seat.
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  • We have a Graco MyRide 65 in my husband's car, and I think it looks more comfortable than our Britax.  It even fit rear facing in the little Saturn we used to have.  M loves using the cupholders to hold her toys.


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