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Kinect for Xbox

Does anyone have one? Can you tell me do you think that it is worth the money? I am thinking of getting one for DH for his birthday but I an unsure if they are more for kids/teenagers or if DH will love it or not.

If you have it, can you recommend any games? Thanks!

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Re: Kinect for Xbox

  • It's SO fun!!  We're not 'gamers' and we both love it - better than the Wii.  I like Dance Central, but I'm not sure that's the type of rec you're wanting ;)  My H likes the Kinect Sports a lot.

  • We love ours, it is super fun! I only play it by myself though cause I suck at the games and tend to look like a fool! haha!

    We have the sports game, the dancing one, the "adventures" one (I think it came with the kinect) and the Biggest Loser. 

    We love them all the the BL one really is like having a trainer w/ you! It totally yells at you when you slack and it can see you doing it! I think your DH will like it. Cam likes the dancing game too :)

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  • I got it for my stepsons for xmas and its so much fun. My husband thought it was stupid but loooved it when he was playing. My stepsons are 7 and 9.
  • We have it, and we do like it.  We don't play it as much as we did when we first got it.  I LOVE the game that comes with it, as does T.  There are some issues we've had.  The actual Kinect has to be in the center line of your TV, either above or below, and unless you have a lot of room in your house you don't get a wide range for movement.  So for me, since we have a huge TV that isn't on a wall I had a hard time with The Biggest Loser because it couldn't see me when I was on the ground.  Also when we go to the IL's house and play they have even less room so you can't move very much.  I do think it's worth the money, and Dance central is a lot of fun too!
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  • We have one and both DH and DD love it. I like it, but being pregnant has kept me from doing my Biggest Loser Workouts. The other thing I like is if you and your friends have an MSN Messenger screen name and they have a webcam, your Kinect works as that. Em loves to talk to her grandparents and uncles on the X-Box. Since she sees them on the tv, she can run around and show off her new tricks.

    DH uses it less, but I think I need to get him a game he'd like to play. The one that comes with it, Kinect Adventures, is fun, but I think he gets bored after awhile. He's mentioned getting one of the sports ones. I do think it was worth it though. It's been super fun to have!

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  • Thanks ladies sounds like a few of you out there like it! And hey if DH doesn't like it then at least I can put it to great use.

    Thanks :)

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  • Also I might add that kinect allows you to navigate through x box live without a remote, and you can voice activate it and tell it commands like xbox play if your streaming a movie live on netflix.  Cruz LOVES kinectimals and the kinect sports (the soccer in particular)  We have had ours for over a year now (dh works for xbox live so we had a beta that he was testing) and we still use it all the time.  I love the work outs.  Not a fan of the biggest loser work out but got the "your shape fitness" that I like better : )
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