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What are you doing for Easter?

Easter baskets?

Egg hunt?

Traveling?  Visiting family?  Having guests?

Visiting the Easter Bunny?

Easter pics?



We are doing easter baskets (trying to go with as little candy as possible), egg hunt (weather permitting), and visiting family friends

Re: What are you doing for Easter?

  • East basket, church, dinner at our house with both sides of the family.
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  • We'll do Easter baskets...and normally we'd go to one or both of our parents' houses for the weekend but DH has an important trial starting the following day so he'll need to be at work for most of the weekend. We'll probably get take-out chinese like we did on Christmas Eve - haha!!! If he wanted me to make a big meal I would - but with just us eating it...it's a lot of work and clean up. We'd rather just relax and spend time together...well, when he is home anyway!
  • We do Easter baskets and we'll be going to 2 egg hunts (weather permitting).  I host, so I'll be cooking.  We'll probably dye eggs and maybe do breakfast with the EB too. 
  • We will be going to church, doing East baskets and a small Easter egg hunt.  We are going to Brunch with both of our families.  I will probably tkae him to meet the Easter Bunny, but the Santa visit did not go so well...
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  • We are going to do Easter baskets and a mini egg hunt for DD but owing to the fact I'll be pretty really preggo we are going to omit visiting family and having a big dinner and hopefully just relax and have a day to ourselves.  Family can come if they want but I think (hope) it will be just us, no working on the house, no setting up for baby...just relaxing...
  • I want to do a little egg hunt for Evan (just at the house, or outside if the weather is okay) He is OBSESSED with "eggies" right now... he's actually watching a Dora "Egg Hunt" episode right now, and all I hear is "egg, egg, eggies!"

    He will also get an Easter basket (we hide it) w/ probably an outfit and some other little outdoor things (chalk, bubbles) maybe one piece of candy or something. My mom will get him a basket too, I'm sure.

    We go to church, and then a big brunch at my parents house. 

    We also go to the Broadway Market every year around Easter, it's one of my favorite things about the Easter season... lots of good polish food and baked goods!

  • Visiting family in Syracuse.  The hotel we stay in hides eggs throughout the halls and common areas. 

    We'll do baskets for the kids.  But I'm toying with giving them little things in the hotel and having the Easter Bunny leave their real baskets at our house.  (We'll be home Easter night and it will be hard to transport full baskets with a snoopy 6 year old.)

    My Grandma usually has a big Easter dinner at her house, but she's having a knee replacement the week before Easter and will be in rehab.  I'm really not sure where we are eating and who will be there other than my parents.

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  • We haven't decided yet. Usually we host. I am kind of not in the mood to do it this year though, I'm thinking I'd rather go to a nice buffet. I haven't even asked DH yet what he wants to do.

    We will take the girls to get a pic with the Easter Bunny, and we do an egg hunt and baskets at home.

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  • our plan was to go to binghamton and see my family however plans are up in the air since my aunt had hip replacement, then broke her femur bone and wont be out of the hospital for a while....



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  • This will be our first year doing an Easter basket, E was too small last year. I think we'll try an egg hunt too!

    We may go to Church, then brunch @ Golden Ponds (SO YUMMY!!) with DH's family, then to my Aunt's after for more family time!

    We might go see the Easter Bunny, but not too sure how E will do this time around!

  • Easter egg hunt and easter basket. Then dinner with the entire family.

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