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Lookin' Good Babe :)

I had my first appt with the midwife today and it was great. I'm really glad I decided to go the midwifery route this time. Had a dating u/s since my cycles were somewhat irregular and my little bean is measuring at 10 weeks 2 days, so one week behind LMP date. Exactly what I thought :) Baby looks really good though with a strong hb and was wiggling around the whole time. My next appt will be in mid-May and I am so thankful that I don't have to go as frequently since I hate asking DH to take time off to watch the littles. I'm considering taking K with me to the next appt but I'm not sure yet when we are going to tell her about the baby. She wasn't old enough to understand when we found out we were pg with G but I think she will understand now. Any advice? Should I tell her now? Wait for her to ask? tell her at 13 weeks?

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  • Just wanted to say congrats on a great appointment!!  I have no experience with telling the kids about a new baby, but I remember what my sister did.  She waited until she was really showing before telling her oldest (3.5 at the time)  When he knows something is going to happen, he asks how much longer, over and over.  So, to avoid that, she waited until it would be obvious something is changing with mom. 
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  • Very exciting!!!

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  • Glad everything is looking good.  No help on when to tell K, we told M right away. Maybe wait until after the next appt or right before and have her go with you, on a special big sister date, maybe grab ice cream after.
  • Great news!
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  • Wonderful news!  I loved my midwives.
  • Glad to hear it! We told Max when I was maybe 4 months but at his age it's not like he really gets it. We talk about Baby Sister in Mama's tummy, but if he were older and actually understood what was coming, I would definitely wait until you're obviously showing and/or questions start coming.
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  • yay for a great appointment!!!
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  • Yay for a great appt!
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  • Congratulations! Glad everything looked good! All these baby post make me another one already!
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  • Yay for strong heartbeats! :-) So excited for you!

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