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Introducing Laurel Katherine! (PIP)

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the congrats on my initial post below. I posted a photo of Laurel Katherine in my siggy. She's got great hair. Also, thanks for the encouragement on the BF front. The LC was so helpful today and the breastfeeding is going so much better already. She's latching much better and, luckily, there was no nipple confusion despite the fact that she was taking bottles only for the last few days. She latched right on today and she's such a good eater. I'm feeling so much better about that.

 DCtoLowCountry - I'm doing my Kegels as we speak. No one tells you about these things and they really should! You will probably lose control of your bladder almost every time you stand up seems like important information. Surprise

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Re: Introducing Laurel Katherine! (PIP)

  • She's absolutely beautiful!!
    image image image
  • She is adorable!!!  Thank you for sharing your story!
  • She is so adorable!  Congrats again.
  • She's adorable! I love her name!
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  • she's beautiful

    glad BFing is going well, just nurse on demand, even if it means every 90mins-2hrs


  • She's gorgeous! Congratulations again!
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  • Awww, she's so cute. Glad BFing is getting better and that the LC was able to help.
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  • She is so beautiful!  Congratulations :)

  • She's a real beauty--congratulations!!

    And good luck with BF--you can do it!!!

  • She's beautiful!!  And I love the name:)

    And no one tells you the bad stuff - because you forget - if we didn't forget - we would all be only children;0

  • she is just darling!!!!!

    (and my baby fever flares up to new heights!!!) 

  • Beautiful name to match a beautiful girl. GL with the BF, sounds like you are doing better already.
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  • She is beautiful!  I love her name. :-)
  • She really is beautiful - already seems to have outgrown that weird, squishy newborn look  :)

    I was shocked at the "side effects" of childbirth...all that info you find out after you're already pregnant and all it does is scare you (I was treated to an hour-long story about a prolapsed uterus in my third trimester).  Or you learn it after you've actually given birth and are wondering "WTH is happening to my body??"  They should teach that stuff in high school health classes...abstinence rates might skyrocket.  Hope any issues resolve themselves quickly and you're feeling like your old self soon!

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  • Ooh what a cutie! Love the name - Laurel was one of our girl (middle) name options.
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  • Wow - what a picture-perfect, beautiful little girl with a name to match!! She's precious.
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  • Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl!
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  • She is gorgeous with a beautiful name to match! Congrats!
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  • So sweet!  Congratulations and enjoy your new baby.  It really does go by so fast.
  • congratulations! she is beautiful!!
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